Episode #807 – Don’t Ask Questions

Episode #807 – Don’t Ask Questions

Intro: A Fort Nite.

Homeless Zombie asks: What game would you make with unlimited budget?

Voicemail #1: Childhood memories with mom and dad fighting

10 sec. spotlight:

Game Giveaway! V- Rising


Voicemail #2: John did not derail the show and some anti-Nintendo Juice


  • Those shrines, those towers, those temples … and other shit going on (Zelda)
  • “Fuck the fuck off” – John
  • More chaos …
  • “I can’t even…” / “It’s a trap !”
  • Drinking: Super Typhoon by Treehouse Brewing
  • Got his Steamdeck back – Check the health of your battery!
  • The sarcasm is heavy with the kickstand discussion
  • Warhammer anyone? And Basquiat
  • Necromunda Hired Gun
  • Warhammer Bolt gun
  • :I’m drinking fukking beer and I don’t give a fuck” – John
  • Taylor Swift traffic

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

Voicemail #3: Bread Garlic was right.


Tears of the Kingdom rap …

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