Episode #816 – Pizza Scented Controllers

Episode #816 – Pizza Scented Controllers

Intro: John broke his Mac

Voicemail #1: but did you even play Baldur’s Gate, Matt?

Baldur’s Gate talk and speculation / resets / Paladins

Matt is a video game trivia champion

10 sec. spotlight:


  • Remnant II – little bit of jank with DLSS required, but good fun!
  • “John, you and Matt would like this if you’re ready for a more difficult experience”
  • Diablo Season 1 (again) as a Nec
  • Exile Con this week PoE 2 news
  • “It’s a good time for gaming right now”-Michelle
  • Drinking: Just water infused mint


  • (Switch) Pikmin 4 – it’s been 10 years, play the demo first
  • Brewpub Simulator – broken and buggy
  • “I hate these guys – i’ve played every one of their games”
  • Drinking: Partake Blonde

Voicemail #2: Dr. Evil says “drop the Canadian loser!!!”

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • Viewfinder – take pictures laterally
  • (Gamepass) Bramble The Mountain King – creepy as fuk
  • (Switch) Mario Kart 8 – will play when get Switch fixed
  • FF16 – draggin ass in this game
  • Drinking: Cherry Coke

Voicemail #3: CoD makes the caller sad

John’s relationship with Matt McCarthy


Voicemail #4: Gamepass is great on Xbox

  • Xbox issue: Why install to a drive if you can’t play it?
  • Netflix games is still a thing?
  • Roblox storm chasers
  • Barbie movie entrance requirements

Off next week, but check out the app for a Baldur’s Gate Lore Episode!! / Rap re-mix outro

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