Episode #849 – The One with the Smoke Detector

Episode #849 – The One with the Smoke Detector

Intro: a central / midwestern American podcast !!

Matt BK Remix(Song/JamesPressStart)

“Nothingburger” / “Everythingbagel” / Flying Dutchman Burger

Fire alarm tweeting

10 sec. spotlight:


  • Path of Exile Necropolis
  • Spice Wars / Dune Imperium – no clue what she was doing
  • Scarlet Tower (thx Dr. Killjoy) – level up your races in bullet hell
  • “Nobody’s born toxic” – a Teabagging Journey
  • John thanks to Jacob DeepRockGalacticSurvivor and Krafty for Drainus
  • Paragon clone:  Predecessor – free to play now on Steam (MOBA)
  • “Don’t play a shit game for 2000 hours” / more Dragon’s Dogma
  • Drinking: Water w/ Tru Lemon


  • Rise of the Ronin (again)- decorating your house
  • Deckmoding – Princess Peach
  • “know my fukking brands” – Michelle
  • Phil gives everyone 10 Show packs / The Show 24
  • Doronko Wanko – unlock hidden things
  • Drinking: Partake Pale

Roundtable: Stellar Blade (PS5)

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • (Gamepass) Open Roads – “This is high quality shit” – Matt
  • Faceminer – recognize faces
  • FF Rebirth (again) it’s uuuuuge …
  • Drinking:  Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar

Voicemail #2:


Change your damn smoke alarm batteries and go pee-pee, John

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