2018: A Forgotten Look Back

2018: A Forgotten Look Back

Yes, yes, we all remember the big games of 2018. The good stuff: epic tales of revenge, bombastic overacting, and hackneyed stories from Assassin’s Creed, Red Dead, Tomb Raider, and the like. Sometimes, though, it’s fun to reflect on smaller stuff.

Starting with Ep# 542, I wave a virtual flashlight on some things we may have forgotten, or maybe purposely forget about. You know, like that time John didn’t cut off Matt’s 10 second spotlight. Oh, wait, that never happened. In any case, here’s some stuff that DID happen in 2018 and some lists.  If the internet has taught me anything in 25 years, it’s that people love lists.

  • In January Michelle said she got a Rockband 4 for her sister and we never heard another word about it. Rockband officially died along with the MiiVerse and MiiTomo. It was also the year the Mini console died (Thanks Sega & Sony) and Gamestop announced it has N-stage Outofbusinessitis.
  • Zelda was still calling John because Microsoft had no vision and no new IP’s.   PubG was supposed to come to the PS4, but no one cared because: Fortnite. And Mario was already the GOTY or the GOAT, or something like that.
  • Kevin (aka, CCGamesCEO) debuted, became a beloved co-host and acquired a new, affectionate nickname:
    The Dirt Merchant.
  • Matt got a Switch, Michelle & John got PS4 Pros, and Nintendo started making shit out of cheap cardboard.
  • Michelle topped the charts as ‘Most Diverse Gamer’, as always.  She’s played the most different types of games (rhythm, rts, rpg, fps, card, puzzle, mobile, tablet, console, and PC) and on the most platforms
  • And don’t forget – in 2018, Sammy Sosa became a white person, Art Bell and Stan Lee died along with YouTube Gaming, Telltale, and Matt and John are now VR buddies. I’ll take “Shit I never thought would happen for $500, Alex.”

Most talked about games:

Michelle list:
Yeah, Rainbow 6, Farcry5, WoW, Spider-Man, God of War, House Flipper – we all know those but do you remember any of these?

John’s list:

John played a little bit of Fortnite, PUBg, Division, Wildlands, Forza,  Battlefield, CoD, and a lot of crap on the Switch, but flashback to some of these gems:

Least Popular games:

No links for these because, well, because no one cares. Yes, Ted, I said no one cares.

  • Paladins
  • PUBg on Xbox
  • Monster hunter
  • Burnout Paradise Remastered
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Mighty No. 9
  • Legend of Kay
  • Tennis World Tour
  • DeBlob
  • Dragalia Lost
  • No Man’s Sky, Next
  • Hello Neighbor

Forgotten Games (or ones we wish we could forget):

Best game never played:

Biggest News Stories:

Dumb news we forgot about:

Biggest tech:

Worst Tech:

Forgotten Tech:

Best Service:

Forgotten / Worst service:

  • PS Now
  • Switch Online

Media of interest:


  • “Maybe we are too old, John” – Michelle ep#543
  • “How do I know what I am?” – John ep#543
  • “The Word ‘Toxic’ needs to die” – Michelle ep#546
  • “Keep milkin’ the old thing” – Michelle ep#551
  • “Fuck your ships” – Michelle, re: Deadfire ep #560
  • “Gaming is da wae” – Michellestradomus ep #580
  • “Fuck these people, I wanted to shoot everybody up” – Michelle ep#584

Most expensive Redbox game:

  • Assassin’s Creed Origins – $73

Most generous game gifter:

  • Randy – Dauntless,
  • Ryan – Escape fr. Tarkov, Will to Live
  • Ricky – Kingdom Come
  • Puopolo – Dreamcast Collection

Best Songs / Song Ideas:

  • Roll that Bass and eat dat Mic, Bitch ep#545
  • Hologram
  •  Lesbian la-dee-da (Song) ep#566
  •  Throwing Garbage (Song) ep #566

Popular Drinks:

Michelle: Water and it’s flavored variations topped the chart again, but she can’t shake that sweet tooth for the cola nut with 1 Pepsi, 5 Cokes, and a Zevia Cola, and some hot chocolates for good measure.  And WTF is watermelon-basil water?

John: Matcha seals the deal for John in the second half of 2018.  The first half was a lot of spring and sparkly water, with some IPA’s and a few Virgil’s for shits and grins.  Thankfully, he’s cut down on the Monster and RedBull, though.  He only snuck a few of those in this year.


  • Sea of Thieves – There’s nothing there
  • Far Cry 5 – Killing white dudes
  • God of War IV – Everything is BIG!
  • Detroit: Becoming Human – Redbox it
  • E3 2018 – Microsoft won
  • Spider-Man  – They nailed Spider-Man
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider – All about the puzzles
  • Mary-O Party – It’s a game for young kids
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – It’s grindy
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 – Impressive scope / atrocious controls
  • Just Cause 4 –  Thumbs Down

Forgotten Hosts:

  • Dimitri fr. Hardware Canucks – ep#549
  • Montana Guy ep #555
  • Jose (Yun1t0) ep #555
  • Andrew the Talking Head ep #557
  • Rob Sprance ep #559, #585
  • Tighe Lory ep #563
  • Deepu & Mike ep #568
  • Shawn fr. @Awkward_podcast ep # 578

More we forgot:

More things we wish we could forget:

And there it is – a forgettable 2018. Never forget that Galaga isn’t for c*nts.

Hopefully we can forget about peak Toxicity in 2019, yes?

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