A Most Interesting VGO 2017

A Most Interesting VGO 2017

So many things happened in the VGO realm this year. Here’s a brief outline for context:

  • VR lulled it’s way through the year, ended with a whimper, and a price drop.
  • SJW’s shrieked to peak volume with a #MeToo hashtag and a culling of the male gender
  • John gets to 30K YouTube subscribers and bought a PS4
  • Beem launched, was subsequently forgotten, renamed to Mixer, and no one noticed
  • The Switch launched without voice chat and John admitted The Switch is just a new WiiU
  • Michelle bought a switch, got fu*ked by Gamestop, then by Nintendo.
  • Michelle also learned how to Dab  and became a Twin Galaxies Icon 
  • John went to London and met some dude named Harry who took him to McDonald’s
  • The Internet died because it chose sides
  • Disney fucked up Star Wars for good.

And there you have it – everything that happened in 2017! Oh, and our friends John and Michelle talked about some stuff.  Did I miss some stuff?  Probably.  I can’t type as fast as these two can talk.  I’ve tried to categorize their ramblings into neat little groupings. None are in any particular order or importance. Just think of them as topics for discussion, reflection, a maybe a little mockery.

Most Interesting Games This Year:

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds
Planet Coaster
Elite Dangerous
COD Infinite Warfare
Sniper Elite 4
Horizon Zero Dawn
Zelda Breath of the Wild
Friday the 13th
Call of Duty WWII
Super Mario Odyssey

Most Interesting Drinks:

Water (as usual) was the overwhelming favorite and it’s variations: club soda, seltzer, or Pellegrino with some type of lemon. This includes lemon oil, true lemon, and lemonade, and that’s freaking boring.
Mexican Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Mt. Dew, and Hot Chocolate, rounded up the other most popular beverages. John has cut down his dependence on energy drinks having only one Monster, one Rockstar, and one RedBull in 2017. Thankfully, we get a hint of variety with these more interesting refreshments:

Cocoa Metro Belgian chocolate milk
Shivers lime ice
Fresh Pick Fort Hill Brewery
Backseat Berner IPA

Most Interesting non-AAA, Indie, or lesser known Titles:

We Were Here
Stardew Valley

Most Interesting Card Games:

Elder Scrolls Legends
Fable Fortune

Most Interesting Free to play Games:

Fortnite Battle Royale
Star Wars The Old Republic

Most Interesting Mobile Games:

Super Mario Run
Fire Emblem Heroes
Clash Royale
Stranger Things
Animal Crossing : Pocket Camp

Most Interesting Nintendo games:

Fire Emblem (3DS)
Zelda Breath of the Wild (Switch)
Mario Kart Deluxe (Switch)
Splatoon Deluxe
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom
Golf Story
Super Mario Odyssey

Most Interesting Retro 8/16 bit games:

Genesis collection
Shovel Knight (Switch)
Binding of Issac

Most Interesting Sports Games:

Ok, there are only 2 sports games because , as you can guess, no one on VGO really does sports games. Take it or leave it.  Not my problem.

MLB The Show
NBA Playgrounds

Most Interesting VR Games:

I’m very surprised Michelle did not buy some type of VR this year.  Michelle has always been the most outgoing gamer and first to talk about the new, new thing like iphone games, the WiiFit, and Kinect.  Regardless, these were the VR games most mentioned on VGO this year.

Star Trek Bridge Crew
Resident Evil 7
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Super Hot
Raw Data

Least Interesting Games:

Ghost Recon Wildlands
Just Dance 2017
Mass Effect Andromeda
Gears of War 4
Destiny 2

Most Racist games (reason)

Cuphead (art direction)
Mario Odyssey (Sombrero)
Dirty Chinese Restaurant (everything)
CoD WWII (lynching)
Wolfenstein (making america Nazi free again)

What Ever Happened To …?

Games that just disappeared, usually after much hype.
Like driving on Highway 80 through Des Moines Iowa.  You see the lights approaching, but by the time you get there it’s just disappears.

Project Argo
Elite Dangerous
Forza Horizon 3
Fable Fortune
Islands of Nyne Battle Royale
Agents of Mayhem

Most Interesting Lore:

Cuphead – ep 517
Castlevania – ep 519
Steamworld – ep 530
Jack o’ Lantern – Ep 531

Most Interesting John Rants:

Mario is Sexist rant ep 492
John’s Neo-Retro game rant ep 517
Johns Retro Identity ep 517
Johns Trip to McDonalds in London (more of an adventure than a rant)

Most Interesting Piece of Tech:

Black Widow Keyboard
Razer rear projection
Hot Ass Thrust Stick
HD598 headphones
DX Racer Chair
John’s new 1080TI
Nanoleaf Lighting
Asus Monitor ROG PG348q ultrawide
Phillips Hue Tube
John’s new 4K TV
Michelle’s new computer

Most Interesting TV Shows

Grand Tour / Amazon
Mr. Robot / USA
Silicon Valley / HBO
Stranger Things / Netflix
Castlevania / Netflix

Most Interesting Documentaries:

Rediscovering Mystery
The Bandit
Hunting Hitler
Ken Burns Vietnam

Most Interesting Game Service / Innovation

PS4 finally supports external drives
Xbox Game Pass
Xbox backward compatibility
Twich prime free stuff

Most Interesting DLC

Overwatch Blizzard Theme Park
WoW: Battle for Azeroth
Horizon Zero Dawn : The frozen Wilds
Forza Horizon 3: Hot Wheels
Breath of the Wild: Champion’s Ballad
Grand Theft Auto V : Doomsday Heist
Hearthstone: kobolds & catacombs

Most Interesting VGO episodes:

Episode #500 – The Milestone
Episode #515 – E3 2017 (Unanimous vote: Nintendo lost / Microsoft won )
Episode #517 – SNES Meltdown ( 2 rants for the price of one! )
Episode #535 – Halloween Spooktacular!
Episode #541 – Holiday Spectacular & 2017 Christmas Play

Most Interesting John Quotes:

“I kinda want the thruster and the stick” – john 1/31/17
“La-La Land is great” – John 2/7/17
“someone coudda fucked me” – John 2/21/17
“Hitler has the best boat”- John 2/28/17
“…you just put your hands on balls” – John #519
“I think I have to poop” – John #537

Most Interesting Songs

Fire Emblem Opera – Ep #497
Friend code 6998930424 – Ep #497
Fragile John fukks his switch (song clip) – Ep #501
Zelda Rap Battle
Time Traveller
Free OJ – Ep #521
We been gettin’ our news Ep #530
OJ is Free (Free OJ Reprise) Ep #531
This show is Poison Ep #532
Drinking with OJ Ep #534

Most Interesting Dead Celebrities you may have never heard of:

The legacy of: Masaya Nakamura, founder of Namco
The Music of: Clyde Stubblefield
The Humor of: Charlie Murphy 
The Voice of: June Foray

Most Interesting guest host:

Eric and his smash balls
Rob Sprance and his Glory hole
Ben Heck’s nerding out
Psychic Sage and horses
Jumble Jim and the contact buzz weirdness – wait, or was that Jefferson?
Matt for continuing to come back to an abusive relationship

Most Interesting News Item:

Clueless Gamer getting it’s own show
Conan Exiles dick technology
Gamestop closing a bunch of stores
Phil Spencer wants Netflix model for games
The Weather in Orlando
Why are people still buying GTA V 

Most Interesting VG Business news:

Sony to make Switch games
IGN buys Humble bundle
Gamestop’s Rental Subscription plan
EA buys Respawn
PS VR free try before you buy

Most Interesting Controversy in Gaming:

Cuphead is Racist
That Mass Effect shit (Racist developer tweets – Manwhore Hair)
Mario Run is sexist
The Battlefront 2 lootbox controversy
Stream Sniping

Most Interesting Disappointment

Switch no voice chat
Blizzard going full SJW
Switch Docking
Debris, the game
PUBg locked at 30FPS on the X1X

Most Interesting thing to look forward to:

Harry Potter AR game
Detroit: Becoming Human
Nintendo subscription service
Anthem for Xbox1x
Atari Box
Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Space Odyssey
Liquid Sky (cloud gaming)
Galaga the animated series

aka OldCrankyGamer. Note taker. I'm no Guru, I'm just a fan.

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