Episode #524 – pr0n Botting with Nixxiom

Episode #524 – pr0n Botting with Nixxiom

Intro:  Contest Winners!!   MathieuP – MikeB – AndrewH – JoshuaS

Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO – u gonna play foxhole or Tarkov ?

10 sec. spotlight:



Agents of Mayhem { PC Roundtable }

Voicemail #2: Vaughn sayz Lawbreakers has potential & john is an asshole

Lawbreakers stats  – no one else playing this

Guest Host Nixxiom   Twitch



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  • The biggest console generation difference from 360 and PS3 to the current one is the availability of more PC type games i.e. MMOs. 32 player max player limit bumped up to the 64 player multiplayer PC standard. And games always install now just like on PC. There are also much more PC type games on console in general. Games we wouldn’t have seen running on a 360. Also the consoles can now use high texture shaders, just compare shadow of mordor from 360 to Xbox one, there’s a big difference. It just depends on how demanding a game developer chooses to make their games, which goes all the way back to there not being many new good games during the 360/PS3 to PS4/Xbox one times. Old generation console didn’t even have 1 gigabyte of RAM, which definitely makes a difference.

    Trakked Reply
  • PR0N!!!!

    John Jacobsen Reply
    • Tron

      Trakked Reply

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