Episode #597 – Moby’s Dick

Episode #597 – Moby’s Dick

Intro: A Tex-anti-Canada podcast! i.e., no Matt

Tigerclaw found a real job

Get ya HorseCocks HERE

Voicemail #1: Jake fr PA luvs horsecock

10 sec. spotlight:


  • Astroneer – It’s Minecraft … in SPACE!
  • live caller Scott sayz Twich not worky
  • Apex Legends ping system & bad mouth taste
  • “Now there’s too much black people” – John
  • Gay checklists and game journalism
  • The Apex crossover problem
  • Live caller loves Apex
  • Sea of Thieves free trial (thanks Ted)- same ol’
  • Drinking: water


Voicemail #2: Nate sayz Anthem is cool and stuff, you know?

Division 2 Roundtable w/ CCGamesCEO

  • Bullet sponges and Moby taking shots to the head
  • voice opening sucks / guns felt right
  • “This is the same fucking game!” – John
  • shooting-shit, UI-shit, Illuminati shit
  • Sub-par, Tom Clownsy


Voicemail #3: AlexMurphy is a Capcom shill

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