Episode #596 – Poser Bitch

Episode #596 – Poser Bitch

Intro: Salty Dog intro

Voicemail #1: DirkHerring’s wife hates you

10 sec. spotlight:


  • Wargroove – cartoon vibe, not that interesting
  • More RE:2 – a Claire affair
  • Drinking: Hot chocolate


  • Resident Evil 2 install – xbox is jerky
  • Tony Hawk lost his mojo
  • Prestiging CoD
  • (EA Origin) Apex Legends – came out of nowhere
  • Call of Duty should be this game, but can’t play solo
  • didn’t return Kingdom Hearts to Redbox…
  • Drinking: Tito’s & Pelligrino& True Lime FTW!

Voicemail #2:  Dirk’s wife sayz – Take my husband, please!

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • Apex Legends, as well
  • Anthem Demo – high impressions – Destiny+Mass Effect
  • RE:2 / Claire’s B Sides
  • Orange peel bad
  • Drinking: Rum & Coke

Voicemail #3 Carlos fr. AZ sayz –  Marshmellow concert


Voicemail #4: Matt fr. PHX, PSVR problems and tips

  • Zelda itch?  No savestates
  • Joycons suck according to Alex
  • Who’s buying 3DS games?

Live Caller @ PSVR Firewall Buttstocks

No respect milking angles

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