Episode #628 – Zelda Diarrhea

Episode #628 – Zelda Diarrhea

Intro: An International podcast with so many shows!

Voicemail #1:  Don’t ever let that Canadian give a review.

10 sec. spotlight:


  • Michelle bought a bunch of shit – ordered a new Switch
  • More battery life, but reading game issues.  Read Errors!
  • Nintendo games hold their value/Top N Games
  • Call of Duty Beta – looks like garbage
  • Bill Gates Netflix – the whole thing is about poop – SKIP!
  • Drinking: Lemon water


Roundtable: Link’s Awakening

  • A glossy re-skin / runs like shit
  • Digital isn’t a problem / overboard with the blur and glossiness
  • Drips out the tips / paid too much


Peer into the Labo swan’s asshole

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