Episode #645 – The Gaays with Robert Kelly

Episode #645 – The Gaays with Robert Kelly

Intro: Valentine’s Episode W/ Robert Kelly!!!!!

Ni Hao from Small Dong Corona Virus!

Voicemail #1: Get rid of John’s guitar

Matt had a fake girlfriend, NOT from Canada.

10 sec. spotlight:



Voicemail #2:

Transient Guest Host: Matt Bradford (aka, @mattomcfly  )

Actual Guest Host: Robert Kelly! (aka, @robertkelly  )

  • Dope Wars and The Gaays
  • “I think I killed you on a toilet” – Michelle
  • Matt derails the funny by making it about him.
  • The kid is Minecrafting
  • Oculus Quest blows his mind
  • (Quest) Vader Immortal and BBC

Voicemail #2: 198X arcade and Tiger rebooting his sh*t

Voicemail #3: John, stop playing the f*cking guitar


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