Episode #644 – Fiber Optics with Rob Sprance

Episode #644 – Fiber Optics with Rob Sprance

Intro: In the Iowan Shadows…

With ROB SPRANCE!!    The Founder.

Corona Virus Update; PS5 update; VR team up;

The state of Mawi-wowy

Voicemail #1: Will there be a shortage at console launch?

10 sec. spotlight:



Guest Host:  Rob Sprance! (aka, @RobSprance  )

  • Rob is a VR dude. He got himself a Quest
  • Asgard’s Wrath – VR from the ground up
  • VR legs – like Sea legs
  • The great VR debates, Oculus Quest, Rift, PSVR
  • unnecessary customization

Voicemail #2: Astroneer something, something.


Voicemail #3: Savage Planet

Easy (Song) performed by the dulcet voice of Rob Sprance

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