Episode #699 – 20 Foot Vagina with Brian Redban

Episode #699 – 20 Foot Vagina with Brian Redban

Intro: Redban no Matt

Voicemail #1: Long Time sayz Peter Dinklidge has head problems

10 sec. spotlight:


John’s miserable VR life

  • VRChat – Unity engine / hunting avatars 
  • John is a stick of butter / Furries and anime / Big boobs and swimsuit Wendys
  • It’s like beta testing games / Hotel Chicago
  • Meat Grinder / Frogger in VR / Yoga balls & backflipping
  • Bullet Roulette VR – Yes, this exists
  • (Switch) Sir Love Lot – Super Meatboy like, it’s okay
  • Drinking: Hoot blood orange mango seltzer

Guest Host: Brian Redban (aka, @redban  )


Voicemail #2: MT Guy sayz anniversaries have meaning

Come see Brian in Austin TX

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