Episode #727 – A Whole NEW WORLD!

Episode #727 – A Whole NEW WORLD!

Intro: The podcast from nowhere…

Voicemail #1: me, myself, and matt mccarthy ?

Roundtable: New World

  • Scorpions and PC GPU killing New World game
  • Game has changed for the better / most played game on Steam
  • “You are Apollonia! Ok, you can be Wendy” – John
  • Decent graphics / not coming to console
  • Zone & exploring focused / $40, no subscription
  • “Why can’t you be a human from a different tribe?” – Michelle
  • They don’t want you to have Alt characters
  • Thx to Rickimaru for gifting this to Michelle moons ago



  • “Does Jeff Bezos play his own game?” – Matt
  • CoD map: Zoo
  • (Gamepass) The Ascent – dumb aliens, but interesting
  • Played Halo insiders Beta (again) – no bots this time
  • Drinking: Tetley’s Iced Tea Green

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • (PS5) Kena Bridge of Spirits – BoTW but not loosey goosey
  • John will not play this game
  • Sable – cell shaded walking simulator, worth exploring, don’t like it
  • Squid Game on Netflix, says John
  • (PS5) Deathloop – finished. Not a perfect 10
  • Drinking: Gin & Coke


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