Episode #730 – Halloween Spooktacular

Episode #730 – Halloween Spooktacular

Intro: Spooktacular Special !  With dad jokes …

It’s scary to be hairy down there.

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Voicemail #1: Stop being such buttholes

10 sec. spotlight:

Mish-Hell Murdersen

  • You should play Phasmaphobia / Devour
  • Poppy Playtime – finding things to get through puzzles, should be VR
  • Witchtastic – Overcooked with witches
  • Do you like Halloween events?
  • Drinking: Sunkissed in a frosty mug


Guest Host:  Batt Blatford (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

Voicemail #2: FarCry 6 -cutting and pasting and the Nemesis system

  • “What do you do with the open world?” – John
  • “I like big maps” – Michelle


Voicemail #4: Savral sayz you should do a Matt show.

Off next week. Happy Halloween, you MUTHAS !!  Get some Stupid Songs

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