Episode #751 – Sony Buys Epic

Episode #751 – Sony Buys Epic

Intro: Cold open… and Matt’s back.

Dick Pills and Stinky Soap

Sonic Movie – biggest video game movie opening evar!

Voicemail #1: Ball vagina and fat cock ain’t goin ballz deep.

10 sec. spotlight:


  • Midnight Ghost Hunt – who u gonna call? < Phasmaphobia
  • Tap Wizard 2 – like vampire survivors as a clicker. an active idle –  it’s got layers
  • Drinking: Wadder with lemon


  • (Gamepass) Shredders – arcadey snowboarding
  • Drinking: Nude Hard Iced Tea w/ Tru Lemon

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • Weird West – old west + supernatural shi!t.
  • PC Gamepass discussion. / Norco ?
  • Kev from Cincy hypes this game – Jitsu Squad
  • Email VGO w/ your fighting techniques for a copy of Jitsu Squad
  • Roblox is cool / so is Elden Ring / Co-Op discussion
  • Drinking: Whiskey & Coke Zero


Paul Rudd games next week

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