Episode #800 – The Great Furry War of 2063

Episode #800 – The Great Furry War of 2063

Intro:  A milestone episode / Going to the future

Voicemail #1:  A congratulations from a very nice person

Can a Time Traveler really be late?

10 sec. spotlight:



Guest Host:  The Reluctant Time Traveler

  • Some of you are going to die a horrible death, like Matt
  • Bread Garlic makes garlic bread
  • AI in the future /  Grophers are a thing
  • The Chinese take over / from the year 2073
  • The Furrie Connection / Feeding the Sex AI
  • You don’t outlive your usefulness
  • Michelle has a plan / end feet people and furries
  • “Down with the furries” – Future Slogan
  • “There’s gonna be a lot of butt stuff, a lot” – Bread Garlic
  • Matto gets a warning / podcasters are doomed / The Kanye Connection
  • Jonah Hill saves the world
  • White men are out / humans always find the drogas
  • 3D printed wood? Imagine Dragons is a mediocre band
  • Metaverse- out / blue checks – out / nft buyers – out
  • Disney joins with Nintendo to rule the world
  • We all live in Nintendohomes
  • Money is out / bread is the new currency
  • Michelle quizzes Bread Garlic with other theories
  • being kind is bullshit / don’t use Chat GPT-3
  • Don’t buy blue checks or
  • June 8 2063 – The Furry Wars
  • The bees are coming
  • I’m a believer

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • No Time – has a familiar storyline, and it’s not there yet.
  • Time Lie – katana zero anyone?
  • Drinking: Juicy Ass IPA.  Plump and unfiltered

Voicemail #2: Matt says you aren’t returning his calls.


No new Switch for YOU in 2063!!

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