Episode #802 – Fiddle Faddle

Episode #802 – Fiddle Faddle

Intro: Welcome to the insult train / rudeboys

“It’s almost fukking nineteen” – John

Bunch-a-Crunch / FiddleFaddle debate

Lazurus asks are u gonna play coffee shop 2?

Millennials play more games / watch more games

Voicemail #1: butthole surgery uses a warm wet rag.

10 sec. spotlight:



The Canned Chicken Debate
Things are not good
Voicemail #2: French Toast says the future will be great

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • (Switch) Tron Identity – Query, a visual novel in 45 minutes
  • (PS5) Sifu (again)
  • Drinking: shitty whisky and coke

Roundtable: Minecraft Legends

  • great table / Kill the piglins
  • collecting resources / build a bridge
  • it’s not complicated
  • “No, I don’t like it” – John
  • “A kid might get something out of this” – Michelle
  • get it on Gamepass / local co-op
  • “It’s not a bad game” – Matto
  • It’s basic

Voicemail #3: Terrence from NC sayz Xbox is dead!
There’s no excuse for 30fps / Phil fukked up / We’re going backwards


Phil’s a liar

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