Episode #804 – Xbox is Dead

Episode #804 – Xbox is Dead

Intro: a very, very cold opening

The worst week in gaming

Voicemail #1: John Wayne toilet paper

Pace asks: whats yr favorite VGO moment?

  • Matt Quits
  • Phil Shinobi
  • Flat Earthers / Hulk Matt

Voicemail #2: upset about a $70 Zelda – but Nintendo has a deal of 2/$100

10 sec. spotlight:



  • (Switch) Advance Wars / CoD
  • Jedi / Redfall
  • Drinking: Athletic Run Wil IPA

Guest Host:  Matthew (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

DOUBLE Roundtable:  Jedi Survivor Redfall

  • JedI
  • $45 is okay for Michelle on PC
  • John and Matt get for the PS5
  • “Phil and the Xbox are fukking dead” – John
  • They’ve blown it up in scope / patches
  • tech and performance explanation by Michelle
  • more performance flaws and a hard, hard fukking crash
  • Pleased with the visuals and how the game felt
  • Pre-rendered scenes are not seamless with gameplay
  • Didn’t like the 1st game because it was Uncharted
  • Likes the 2nd game because it’s Uncharted
  • Saber talk / meditation is annoying
  • all the right sounds
  • Michelle approves of this disaster
  • John says “good enough”
  • Redfail / Deadfall
  • Michelle’s rant
  • FPS promises / boring game
  • we had fun, but it doesn’t mean the game is good
  • personality traits< a good game / poor AI and student debt
  • These people are woke garbage / no matchmaking for a co-op shooter
  • “There’s nothing done well in this game” – Michelle
  • These people don’t know how to make games
  • Who to blame? / Arcane
  • “There’s layers of shit in this game” – John
  • Leave Phil out of this
  • Censorship on the forums
  • This should be Free-To-Play
  • Game Shaming and deniers / defending 30fps
  • We’re going backwards / an empty game
  • Where is my boyfriend? Bitchslappin’ people
  • It’s a shame


  • FF developers blacklisted Kotaku
  • Activision deal blocked by UK
  • Jim Ryan has better shirts
  • Fable coming in 2024
  • 5 friends, 14 day free trial of Gamepass
  • Sony looks to sell more consoles than ever before

Zelda soon …

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