Episode #819 – GamesCom, The Real James Humphrey talks Path of Exile, and More Gaming News!

Episode #819 – GamesCom, The Real James Humphrey talks Path of Exile, and More Gaming News!

Intro: Matt is now part-time

nothin’s coming out of Michelle

Voicemail #1: Best show ever, but John is a moron.

GTA 6 and Bill Clinton / disappointing

10 sec. spotlight:


  • Surviving the Hurriquake in CA
  • HoloCure – Save the Fans! – free and kinda cute / Vampire Crossing
  • Oliveman and first cold-pressed
  • Gamescom demos – Soulsinger Envoy of death – Rogue-like FPS
  • more Path of Exile – Trial of the Ancestors
  • Blizzard is dead. they made garbage. you cannot jump off a ledge
  • Diablo 4 discussion
  • Drinking: Amata water Grape Divine water enhancer with monkfruit

Voicemail #2:  What do U think of CoD Prisoner Rescue mode?

  • Johns emojis / Cold War / safe words and bunk beds
  • Shutting doors and missing doors
  • ABRISS – destroy and build – top notch floating worlds vibe
  • Boxville – Can people with problems, controller problems
  • Arrow A Row – not a fake game, totally playable
  • Drinking: Lord Hobo Life, NA beer

Guest Host:  The Real James Humphrey (YouTube)

  • Diablo 4 thoughts / PoE thoughts
  • Starting out PoE tips for John
  • “I love the big skill tree” – Michelle
  • Currencies / strategies / tradeoffs / ascendancies
  • Can it be casual or is it a job?
  • Racer event at ExileCon
  • Black magic builds? unique items and overpowered builds
  • Diablo v PoE drama / crafting changing / split games
  • Good trailer, bad marketing
  • What’s your thing James?


  • GamesCom announcements – Diablo / Alan Wake / AssCreed
  • Ubisoft is in trouble / Delta Force / Rebel moon
  • “Did that make you ripe?” – John
  • Ice-T / Payday 3 / Empires 4 on Gamepass
  • already game awards?
  • Armored Core / Mech Assault / Michelle is Anti-Mech
  • Mario Voice dude retiring.

Voicemail #3: Shumo says – how yall get rich little on the podcast?
Voicemail #4: Premium app question about filtering

Unreal to get the Quake remake treatment?

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