Episode #829 – #BelieveAllWitches

Episode #829 – #BelieveAllWitches

Intro: The Spooktacular Cackular Episode

Goin’ to Graceland

RIP Matt Perry (Song) / They’re Down One

“He’s stealing drugs from Jesus.” – Michelle

10 sec. spotlight:

Michelle Murdersen

BlkKat13 (aka Green Boobs)

Guest Host:  Batto McFry (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • (Netflix Mobile) Slayaway Camp 2 – psychologically scary
  • Still playing Spider-Man 2
  • Mario Game musings
  • Drinking: Whiskey & Dr. Pepper

Roundtable: Alan Wake 2

  • History with the first game
  • No one knows what’s going on in the 1st game
  • digital only / running on visuals instead of performance
  • “Holy Fukk is this slow” – John
  • X-files / Twin Peaks vibes
  • “Really dig into the mystery here…I love it” – Matt
  • There’s a musical? / It’s supernatural
  • No audio issues / It becomes an action game very quickly
  • Recommended / Should be on Gamepass


Don’t invite the kids into the house. You can’t do that anymore

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