Episode #844 – Apple Vision Pro Review with Rob Sprance

Episode #844 – Apple Vision Pro Review with Rob Sprance

Intro: Special Guest Vagabond Rob Sprance !!!

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10 sec. spotlight:


  • Last Epoch – between Path of Exile and Diablo 4
  • “I’m a wolf guy” – Michelle
  • Helldivers 2 – no PVPVE. Should be early access
  • Drinking: Water w/ Tru Lemon


  • Last word of Last Epoch – you don’t need to hear what’s going on.
  • (Switch) Penny’s Big Breakaway – from the guy who did Sonic, with a yo-yo
  • New Contra Operation Galuga Demo – modern-retro-mobile style graphics and retro gameplay
  • Drinking: The Beast Unleashed Hard Monster

Guest Host:  Rob Sprance. (aka, @RobSprance  )

  • Vagabond? No, Apple Vision Pro
  • “This fukking thing just knows” – Rob
  • Is it comfortable?  / it calculates your prescription
  • “Have you gone to Burger King with this?” – John
  • Virtual concerts / Hair and personas
  • Peeing in your persona
  • Controllers, clarity, and power considerations
  • Quest 3 is best for games
  • Drop Dead, The Cabin – already exists
  • Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 3 – on and on and on
  • Golf+ on Quest 3
  • Drinking: Water


  • Sony’s in trouble
  • Sony tests VR support for PC
  • Live-service game paradigm backfiring
  • Helldivers got legs
  • Milking IP’s and game burnout

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