Episode #845 – Indie Anna Jones and the Lost Inhaler

Episode #845 – Indie Anna Jones and the Lost Inhaler

Intro: an all American, but one Canadian Podcast !!!

Matt’s underground sex club

Voicemail #1: Top 3 VGO Eps / aids goes up/ matts new mic/ matt reviews a game he didn’t play

10 sec. spotlight:


  • Last Epoch (again) – Check Discord for the game giveaway!
  • Minami Lane – a cozy, ramen, boba selling game for $4
  • Vivaland: Dream house – Sims competitor? Swede check!
  • Waiting for the end of the month
  • TV: Shogun – Third tier ripoff of Tom Hardy
  • Drinking: Iced tea w/ Lemon


Voicemail #2: Sony games aren’t selling
Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

Voicemail #3: johnnyblaze can’t afford a PC


Voicemail #4: Picking bones with Phil about shit gamepass games

  • Where are the big xbox games?
  • Indiana Jones game / Starfield
  • Asthma button / Indy-Anna Jones and the Lost Inhaler

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