Episode #846 – “Gaming is Making You Weak” says Prepper!

Episode #846 – “Gaming is Making You Weak” says Prepper!

Intro: Get Prepped

Krafty’s giving away Dragon’s Dogma 2.  Go to the Discord for the details

Voicemail #1: Are you guys the longest running game podcast?

10 sec. spotlight:


John / Jim

  • Cod w/ Matt on an old Map – Das House.  It’s preppy
  • (Switch) Princess Peach Showtime Demo – Peach doesn’t float
  • Shitty framerate, hidden developer, baby-ish combat
  • Unicorn Overlord demo – Great deckmode? Autobattler
  • Tribes 3:Rivals – Halo before Halo. Battlefield before Battlefield
  • “This is a downgrade from a game that came out 20 years ago” – john
  • Drinking: Southern Tier Pop Topic Rush

Guest Host: Dwight ( aka, The Prepper )

  • Dwight’s queer journey
  • Dwight’s come out of the bunker.
  • Waiting for destruction.  78 hours ’til animal
  • Prepping list:  Water, food, sheet with a hole …
  • No basement arcades / bury a school bus
  • The merits of shipping containers and Chinese shit
  • Pre-made bags a girl scout stuff / Bugout bag checklist.
  • The art of Ketsugo / Push-ups and masturbating
  • Getting rid of the duke / Kids getting dumber and dumber
  • “Wear camo, go commando” / “looking for basil”
  • There you have it. Don’t be gay.


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