Episode #852 – Mining in the Desert with Samson Mow

Episode #852 – Mining in the Desert with Samson Mow

Intro: Early Start – Will Matt get Krafty’s Xbox by next week?

Voicemail #1: Ghosts of Tsushima on PC – What is a Playstation?

10 sec. spotlight:


  • No Rest For The Wicked – Get the truth @ redefining the ARPG genre and marketing
  • Breathtaking? / no kick-backs / patches / confident of the future / 1 2 Watch
  • Hades II (playtest) – pulled off mouse & keyboard / beautiful / body diversity?
  • “Who want’s that floppin’ around when you’re fighting?” – Michelle
  • Shadow of the Depth – Gauntlety, nailed the art and the atmosphere. Top down rogue.
  • Drinking: Kalifa Mocha


  • Sker Ritual – looks fine, zombie-rogueish-shooter
  • Tales of Kenzera: ZAU – a new Metroid-Vania-prince-of-persia / You’re a shaman
  • “This game is so fine fukking tuned” – John
  • Sweet Transit – started the tutorial
  • Matt’s future Xbox journey
  • Drinking: Miller Lite

Guest Host:  Samson (aka,  @Excellion  )

  • Bitcoin, blackchain, and a new game Infinite Fleet
  • What is “The Halving”? / Cost of mining – in the DESERT!
  • Intricacies of electronic money changing…
  • Decentralization Theater
  • Creating digital assets for Infinite Fleet / Blockchains are not scalable
  • Describing the Infinite Fleet / Trust-less Swaps
  • Which came first- the tokens or the game?
  • Steam doesn’t like Crypto games
  • Predictions


  • Emotes and plantains / pussies are ruining gaming
  • Embracer group and friends
  • Fortnite/Eyelash crossover w/ Rockband guitar support
  • Target to stop selling physical media by 2025
  • Microsoft has taken over Playstation store
  • Conan sucks / return of Triumph !
  • Curb is over. / return to Sinefeld?  Or Louis? or Chapelle?
  • Clint’s son is a good lookin man / Sting is not a redhead
  • Taylor Swift has a good song

Stellar Blade next week!

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