Episode #853 – Stellar Ass

Episode #853 – Stellar Ass

Intro: Ass night and Matt’s getting a root canal

Voicemail #1: John needs to step up the Deckmode

Running wires for John’s new TV

Ass Worship (Song)

10 sec. spotlight:



  • In full Deckmode TY Jacob for:
  • Deeprock Galactic Survivor – mine, enemies, boss, spend, mine, enemies, boss, repeat
  • Spanky! – brofest with butts and ass upgrades
  • Drinking: Gunniess Zero NA

Roundtable: Stellar Blade (PS5)

  • John almost bought a PS Portal at Gamestop / dreaming of Steamdeck streaming
  • chiaki streaming to steamdeck
  • Stellar Blade controversy?  It’s not really happening
  • Problems with the male gaze / WP & Rolling Stone sellouts
  • Reminds Kev of Devil May Cry
  • Controversy drove popularity / “There’s monsters fukking everywhere” – john
  • John’s earrings / very artistic monsters modeling
  • The Journey (Behind The Scenes) – Youtube
  • Great combat / Scanning doors and combinations / dead body codes
  • Platforming is good enough / No stubby legs!

Guest Host:  Kevin, aka Dirt Merchant (aka, @CCGamesCEO )

  • Tax return season at the game store- ps4 –>ps5
  • Nintendo 64 always the most popular
  • Helldivers / vamp survivor
  • Panty Party – put your panties on ‘it’s time to party’
  • “There’s no asses in these panties” – Kevin
  • Hot games right now / catcalling Goomba controversy
  • New Lunar Lander / New Atari talk
  • Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes
  • Limited runs


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