Episode #855 – Dropped in a Thailand Jungle

Episode #855 – Dropped in a Thailand Jungle

Intro: a Southern podcast with the other Matt

The positions on Pole Position

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Voicemail #1: Tango Trauma and a rant

10 sec. spotlight:



Guest Host:  Matt McCarthy (aka, The OTHER Matt @McCarthy99 )

Roundtable: V Rising

  • Crazy shortcuts
  • bases and rock gollums
  • plop your base anywhere
  • The Konami tax /  why am I on fire?
  • “The combat’s actually good” – Michelle
  • “Performance on Steamdeck…not that great” – John
  • check it out.  It’s fun. / thumbs up all around


  • Helldivers fastest selling Playstation game, still more popular on PC
  • The account controversy / Steam refunds / Helldiver stink
  • New Assassins Creed to be in feudal Japan – do we care?
  • Shogun season 2 / 3 Body Problem
  • PS5 update and a smart phone app.
  • Gamestop Pro Credit Card
  • Dumb Money – what happened to that guy?
  • “All you need is money, not the fame” – Michelle
  • Rebranding xbox, or it’s soul.  maybe, maybe not.
  • They’re not replacing Jim Ryan
  • Console wars
  • Nvidia > Google

Killscreens Outro

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