Episode #856 – Rage Quit

Episode #856 – Rage Quit

Intro: a Canadian with daddy issues podcast!

Biggest Microsoft show of the year.

Things are not good (jokes) / Bangers

“I brought vibe to the table” – Matt

10 sec. spotlight:



  • Greyzone – great game
  • XDefiant – hero shooter with  libtards / reminds me of Overwatch
  • “John is a CoD Bro” – Michelle
  • People from Watchdogs, cleaners from Division – a collection of shit people
  • (XBOX) Vigor on Xbox – didn’t really play it, it’s a PUBg ripoff
  • Drinking: Sam Adams Summer Ale

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • Matt’s dumb stuff: banger and a gem
  • Animal Well – dripping with secrets – this game is creative
  • (Gamepass) Chance of Sennaar – You don’t understand anything that’s going on.
  • spotlight interrupted by John eating cod
  • …Matt quits the show
  • Egypt Handcock discussion
  • Matt’s back!
  • A Way Out – John and Michelle already finished this – great CoOp
  • The Art of Couch CoOp
  • (PS5) Ghostrunner 2 – really expanded on Ghostrunner 1
  • Check out Neon White
  • Drinking:

Roundtable: Hellblade II: Senua’s Saga

  • Is it really a game?
  • Michelle didn’t want to play this game
  • Unique combat / forced black bars
  • annoying voices/music
  • untapped potential
  • feels like a tech demo
  • “If you have Gamepass, you have to experience this” – Matt
  • “I wanted it to do more” – Michelle
  • playing cutscenes /  uninstalled
  • not much of a game / on rails /
  • Want an Elder Scrolls with these graphics


  • Starfield Mandalorian mod
  • Stellar Blade developer : PC version under investigation  – codename Witches
  • Deadlock a moba shooter
  • activision creating a narrative bsaed franchise with poles
  • nintendo acquiring studio shiver entertainment
  • Assassins Creed Japan – Matt’s in
  • IGN bought a bunch of competitors, then laid off a bunch of people
  • Microsoft’s CoPilot AI – coming to Minecraft
  • little jimmy has boobies

Is the Mummy worth watching?  We need an answer.

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