The new Video Game Outsiders website, FAQ, & giveaway! (UPDATED!)

The new Video Game Outsiders website, FAQ, & giveaway! (UPDATED!)


Our older site served us well, but sometimes you just have to hit theย  “muthafuckin’ reboot” button. Aside from the fresh aesthetics, our site is now mobile friendly, organized, and has more potential! I hope to add additional sections and continue to encourage community involvement in the future. One of the things that makes VGO unique to me, is that we aim to incorporate our listeners into each episode – via voicemail, the live chat, tweets, and now – website comments as well!

I have also already started implementing suggestions from you guys. We now have a Discord Voice/Text Server (found under the drop-down chat menu at the top of the page), which can be freely used by everyone! Hop into the voice chat during game nights, to set up community play dates, or just to chat with fellow listeners and new friends. I’ve also created a quick contact form, for those of you who prefer to reach out to us without the use of social media or e-mail. Some of the old favorites, like our ShoutBox have returned with a new look. You can find it next to a new feature,ย  the site media player, where you can hang out, play past episodes, and make real-time comments AS you listen. You know, stuff like “OMG Michelle is a PC snob” or “WTF, did John really just confess his love for a divorced dog?!?”. I have also embedded our live stream directly into the VGO live chat page, however we still encourage you to listen live over on unless you are having issues with their player.

Please excuse me while I work out all the bugs, and don’t forget to comment below if you have any issues or suggestions. Thank you for checking our new home out, I hope you guys enjoy it!


  • You do not have to use your e-mail to comment under posts, but I recommend you do so you can get a photo icon! Use Gravitar to link your e-mail to whatever one you wish to use to comment on our site.
  • If you mostly visit our site to use the ShoutBox, and want a simple way to always have it land at that point on the page, simply bookmark the direct jump, here instead of the main URL.
  • You do not have to use Twitter or Facebook to sign into the shoutbox, but if you do, you will get a photo icon and link to your profile. I recommend doing so, the service will never post to any feeds. To sign out of a name, press the white hamburger menu in the shoutbox.
  • We now have a voice server!

Known Bugs:

  • The ShoutBox works on ios devices, but can act wonky. You may have issues entering your first message, and then, on some resolutions, it can slide around. This is the price you pay for using an apple device. JK. As it stands right now that is something I have no power to fix in the core code, as I can only impact appearance and styling.
  • On mobile phones (not tablets) the search bar in the hamburger menu does not work properly.
  • On the site media player, even if you are logged in to your mylibsyn premium account, you will still see a lock icon over the bonus pay episodes, don’t worry, they work, just press them and hit play. This is not something I can change and is a feature libsyn wants to show premium episodes vs. free ones. If you are not a subscriber, simply press on any free episode and it will play.


  • Adding forums is always an option down the line, but most people seem to have moved on from using them and now prefer comment systems. I was thinking about making a weekly post called “Open Mic” or “Community Spotlight” where people could use that as a forum, essentially to talk about whatever they wanted, or I could pose questions or topics.
  • Adding scrolling VGO QUOTES under the shoutbox area. “I like to kill homeless people” -Michelle episode ???
  • Comment editing coming soon


  • Steam

Bionic Commando PM3CD-RX8EF-RFFWD

Bionic Commando: Rearmed QF4CK-BX6I2-65VD0

Lost Planet 3 VB00B-E6AZY-8KPE0


Resident Evil Revelations HBAGM-NG59K-DD5WF

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 1 FPNBP-2FAKB-N9MMH



Baseball Stars 2 AVD0T-7JAX0-89GFA

The Last Blade 66D4B-FJ9BL-BLXBT

Metal Slug 2 BTA2R-Q5IXL-2D0C2

Shock Troopers 85FDP-00CY4-VM9RJ

Shock Troopers 2nd Squad 605JL-0ZZB8-27FI6

Twinkle Star Sprites 8B9R2-B7D50-BY2DK

  • Gwent Beta

Thanks to listner Josh aka J0dastar. Good luck!


aka CoastalMichelle. Host. Queen of the Ball (and buster of them).


  • Longtime listener, first time commenter (pre-Matt days) Website looks good! Thanks for the laughs and the VG info.

    Tacoloft Reply
    • Thanks for checking it out, and sticking with us so long!

      Michelle Madison Reply
    • Thanks, Taco!

      John Jacobsen Reply
  • Great website.. and I like that you’re using discord now. (BTW I saw someone asked about Matt earlier.. I know they used […] but that wasn’t me)
    Can’t wait to catch up on the next podcast on Tuesday.. I want to know if you can talk about:
    1. Injustice 2 is ONLY released for consoles and it pisses me off.. it doesn’t piss me off that its only released for consoles but that WB waits 4-6 months or more to port it to PCs and then no one cares about the game. Then they complain that PC sales are bad but they wouldn’t be so bad if they would just released them both at the same time..Not everyone that has a PC gets a console because I can run some games at 4k or 1080p/60FPS.. so why bother with consoles? #MasterRace
    2. BoTW for CEMU 1.7.5 is said to be running at 30FPS and almost damn near perfect now.


    Jon Reply
    • Thanks , I might try zelda down the line on cemu ๐Ÿ™‚

      Michelle Madison Reply
  • The new website seems legit. I like this.

    Trakked Reply
    • Thanks, Trakked! Michelle did a GREAT job.

      John Jacobsen Reply
  • I will miss John’s geocities site ๐Ÿ™

    jumblejunkie Reply
    • Maybe we should put them on, not doing much with the URL . Haha, I can add forums but people don’t use! Maybe I’ll do community topics as a test run and see how it goes.

      Michelle Madison Reply
    • Tim will never be coming back on VGO again.

      John Jacobsen Reply
  • Nice. I like it. It’s not cluttered with all kinds of shit everywhere, it’s clean and usable. Very nice.

    Julian Reply
    • Thanks , I am trying to resist the urge to clutter it up>

      Michelle Madison Reply
  • I love your website! Great design, think it’s neat, and it displays well on my phone too.

    Eric-of-The-Sun Reply
    • Good to hear Eric, thank you.

      Michelle Madison Reply
  • Looks Great!

    Bux Reply
    • Hey bux, thanks, good to see you here.

      Michelle Madison Reply
  • Uuummmmmmm……where’s Matt?

    Anonymous Reply
    • LOL, fuckin trolls.

      Michelle Madison Reply
  • FYI our email server is down for a bit, don’t e-mail us or use the contact form ๐Ÿ™‚
    edit: ITS UP

    Michelle Madison Reply
  • This looks fantastic!

    Smokeufools Reply
    • Thanks!

      Michelle Madison Reply
  • RIP John’s long-ass gaudy 2006-era forum signature

    Where’s Matt’s picture tho

    Blatblatblat Reply
    • Michelle Madison Reply
    • I miss my sig already

      John Jacobsen Reply

    John Jacobsen Reply
    • Profound.

      Michelle Madison Reply
  • yes.

    OldManWinter Reply

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