Community Gamer Tags

Community Gamer Tags

Add your gamer tag, friend-code, or user ID to help other listeners find friends to game or chat with! Then, if you want to organize a game-date, check out our Discord server and The Official VGO Reddit. To help us identify you, simply link the e-mail you used to comment with a photo you can upload over on Gravitar!


  • Steam – CoastalMichelle
  • Blizzard – Chelley#1310
  • Xbox (Legacy) – CoastalMichelle
  • PS4 – Single player games but #soon
  • Nintendo Friend Code: Who the hell can remember? I will add soon



  • Steam – Blkdog7
  • Nintendo Friend Code: SW-3974-4233-0514
  • Blizzard Blkdog7#1689
  • PS: Blkdog7
  • Xbox: Blkdog7

aka Blkdog7. Host. Former switch bitch.


  • Sw-3590-6406-0425

    Scott Dinkle Reply
  • Trakked11#1327

    Trakked Reply
  • Steam: Ultrapigbear
    Blizzard: Superpigbear#1990
    Xbox Live: ericjover
    PSN, HoN, and LoL: Superpigbear

    Eric Jover Reply
  • Xbox – JediOfLight

    Jeff Reply
  • If yall are looking for switch friends add me. Sw-3590-6406-0425. Psn lazyxdink. Xbox buttxmouse

    scott dinkle Reply
  • yoloswagwtfbbq on everything

    Yoloswagwtfbbq Reply
  • Steam – Saltek1

    Saltek Reply
  • Xbox and PS4 Zippee2020 – I’m in the UK

    Mark Reply
  • Xbox & Psn = Marben79

    Benjamin Oram Reply
  • Steam – bigaza2151
    Xbox – azakin

    bigaza2151 Reply
  • PSN Nagash111

    Sean leslie Reply
  • Steam – bigfatdanny

    Danny Reply
  • DOMGIO88 – Xbox One

    Dominic Giovanni Primomo Reply
  • Xbox Gunnychief
    Steam Gunnychief

    Henley Merrill Reply
  • ajayagliolio – steam, ps4, xbone

    Ghost Tea Reply
  • Steam – bigfatdanny3
    PS4 – bigfatdanny3

    Danny Reply

    Jay Reply
  • Fat_Cylon on PS4

    Rob Reply
    • Grinder : Tedsdikin

      Rob Reply

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