Community Spotlight #2 – Attack of the GAMES!

Community Spotlight #2 – Attack of the GAMES!

Michelle: For me it’s been the opposite, sometimes I want to take a break when I feel like there is just nothing decent to play. Now of course, that sentiment is wrong… because there is ALWAYS something to play, even if it is an old gem that I might have missed. I do definitely get in gaming modes and moods – where I just want to consume everything from a particular genre, company, or system, or where I simply feel bored and let down with everything. Whenever I get in one of my gaming ruts, I normally throw myself into something else, like music, writing, being active at the beach, or even taking the shot to binge on Tv shows, or go see movies I have been eying (recently saw Ghost in the Shell and I liked it, but it mostly just got me wanting for more Sci-fi i.e. the new BLADE RUNNER coming soon with John’s love, Ryan Gosling).

John: “Well… I never felt like I wanted to take a break from gaming because I had too many games. That’s never happened. But, I have for sure decided that I didn’t want to pay attention to new releases because I had too many games already. We live in an exciting time right now where we have amazing new releases all the time. It’s easy to lose excitement about the game you bought two weeks ago to play the latest game today. I’d love to just stop paying attention to new releases so I can enjoy what I have already. So many games!”

How about you guys? Will go over some of these on air.

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  • Sometimes my backlog makes me sad, but then a shiny new game comes along and I’m happy (Repeat)

    JediOfLight Reply
  • I agree it is very easy to only scrape the surface of games you buy as we are constantly seduced into buying the next new release.
    I’m guilty of that as anybody and often try and return to games I stopped playing a while back

    Mark Reply
  • I took a break all through high school and most of college. My “hardcore” era was the PS2 generation and I had a large collection of Playstyation and all the other systems I missed out on the first time. Then kids happened and the collection got sold over the last 10 years. Now I play much more casually and without the commitment I used to have. It gives me more time to criticize.

    Bmullz Reply
  • I do not take breaks from games because I have too many games to play but I do take breaks when I feel I have run out of games that I am interested in. Usually my breaks last long enough for a few new games to come out or some that I skipped to drop to a price that I am willing to try them at then I plow through them all.

    Saltek Reply
  • (To answer the community question) I will tend to run out of games to play since my options are highly limited for the moment, i.e. No high speed internet=no multiplayer… I’ll just read a book.

    Trakked Reply
    • Yeah, no internet/good internet can really limit game options these days, which sucks!

      Michelle Madison Reply
  • With so many games, I can understand getting distracted but it’s important to stay focused on one game as much as possible. Because if you can’t focus on a single game it just almost always means the game your playing sucks. And playing through so many “ok” games can quickly become a drag. “Ok” games are not ok.

    Trakked Reply
  • I haven’t played games since I started university, I miss them, I still listen to your show to stay in the know.

    Bolt Reply
    • Thanks for listening Bolt, good luck with your studies!

      Michelle Madison Reply

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