Episode #512 – Grand Theft V(alve)

Episode #512 – Grand Theft V(alve)

Intro:  – not a Fort night
Thanks to Bear & Emily – they’re hooked
Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO – Matt’s new gig is underwater

10 sec. spotlight:

Michelle, the dabbler


Voicemail #2: got 1080Ti but need a new monitor and downsample
Voicemail #3: Dick stickers for yo dongs

Guest – Chase   (fr. OK)  Cblank1135 

Voicemail #4: Jake says try harder you jackhole!


Investing inquiry / weather and apple report
Redneck Cultist is trending / Waiting for Farcry / Destiny 2?
Witcher on Netflix
Steam not healthy for gaming (article)
Mario has a new game / 8bit style games coming to the Switch…eventually
Why still Grand Theft Auto V ?
Friday the 13th
Nintendo on the Road again – Summer of Play 2017
Zelda hype fell fast / Switch sales v GTA5
PUBg crate shit

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  • LOL nice link, the lager he drank has a horrible score. Poor chase, that beer sucked!

    Michelle Madison Reply
    • LOl – It’s basically Jimmy Buffet’s attempt at making a Corona style beer. It’s aight.

      John Jacobsen Reply
    • Bad-Jizz? We don’ need no stinkin’ bad-jizz!

      Bmullz Reply
    • That’s hilarious. What an interesting hook or feature.

      John Jacobsen Reply

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