Episode #513 – Friday the 513th

Episode #513 – Friday the 513th

Intro:  – One more Fort night – Live on YouTube!
PR weather report

10 sec. spotlight:



Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO – Gibson guitar rep sayz something Farcry and Montana

Guest Host – Jose (@Yun1t0 )


Games as a service (Kotaku)
Game Sales Worldwide (CNBC)
Assassin’s Creed spoilers by T-shirt
June Release list (Polygon) 
Crash Bandicoot remaster?
Beam is now called Mixer

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  • I have muted the chimes for subs/donations on YouTube so they won’t be showing up while streaming or in podcast next time. John just needs to keep his videos and browser muted and then we won’t get any audio breakups either. All and all, wasn’t too bad for a first shot. The podcast audio is better quality, as John was saving a local recording. Thanks to everyone who showed up live. (We can also look into turning links on in chat there as you noted bMulllll)

    Michelle Madison Reply

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