Episode #520 – Destiny, Cloud Catching, and Old Lady Sweaters.

Episode #520 – Destiny, Cloud Catching, and Old Lady Sweaters.

Intro:   a Fort Fort Fort
Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO –

Michelle is a Superstar of 2017 on a card 
VGO Superstar Card Giveaway – coming soon!
Rocket League for Nvidia users Givewaway! (email: contact@videogameoutsiders.com)

10 sec. spotlight:



Voicemail #2: love Splatoon, no Switch
Voicemail #3: 4k low and high quality garbage tech

Guest Host:  Sub-Z from Texas !  (@SubZtx )

  • Friday the 13th – re-explained
  • Metal Gear Solid V
  • The 4K / HD PS4 pro comparison


Voicemail #4: what R the best MMO’s
Voicemail #5: Can I play PUBg w/ a controller?



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    • Funny stuff there, Absolute

      Bmullz Reply
      • Is it funny, or is it sad that old jokes are manifesting themselves into our reality?

        AbsoluteDeicide Reply
  • I think the new “Atari Box” will be something like this: http://dreamcades.com/
    Intel quad-core 2.2GHz /4MB ram / Windows 10 (probably mobile version)

    Bmullz Reply
    • I hope it IS an emulator with 1000s of games on it! 😉 oh and open world pitfall.

      Michelle Madison Reply
      • I dunno. It should be a platform where you can play all the old Atari games 2600 – Jaguar and then a platform for people to port iOS / Android games. Basically, Apple TV or similar.

        John Jacobsen Reply
  • TY. It’s my genuine pleasure to scribe the chronicle of VGO.

    Bmullz Reply
  • Good job with the show notes, BMULLZ

    John Jacobsen Reply

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