Episode #521 – Live from the paint department

Episode #521 – Live from the paint department

Intro:  from the paint barn
Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO –  above ground pool is a staple

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Voicemail #2: excited for the Xbox 1x

Guest Host Jose! aka @Yun1t0  ,the Microsoft apologist

  • Gaming Media are panderers
  • the FPS and resolution debate history
  • Quotes from M$ and the Sony media bias


aka OldCrankyGamer. Note taker. I'm no Guru, I'm just a fan.


  • In regard to Jose’s argument about the gaming media being biased against Microsoft (they are), a few things are true at once there. The press is feeding red meat to the fanboys to keep their clicks up, the fanboys are complaining to the media whenever they hear something they don’t like and the media is reacting to it, and Microsoft themselves are making some missteps that in turn get blown out of proportion in that circle of shit. That’s all fine and good, but what the media is guilty of is overstepping their boundaries and putting their thumb on the scale to gloss over the positive Microsoft is doing and hammer on the negative points, sometimes just outright lying. Example: to this day I still hear people saying the original plan for the Xbox One was to have an “always online connection”. That was never the case; every interview I ever watched or read from an official Xbox representative talked about a “once a day check in” to verify that you owned your games, it wasn’t “always online.” Yet the media kept repeating the “always online” phrase until it stuck through sheer repetition, like a game of telephone. The real world media does the exact same thing (Russian hacking?): they’d rather stick to their narrative than be proven wrong, even if that means redefining words and spreading bullshit. Another observation: whenever they review multiplatform games, if it’s well received they will list it as a PS4 game. If it gets a bad review it’s an Xbox One game. I’ve even noticed when some outlets make Let’s Play videos of older titles they’ll use a PS3 or PS2 if it’s a well regarded game, but if it’s a joke-y, look-how-bad-this-is type of video they’ll break out the 360 or OG Xbox. In other words: the media is garbage. So are most gamers, too, and you should develop your own taste and play what you like.

    AbsoluteDeicide Reply
    • There is no such thing as video game “journalism”. Magazines and websites exist as promotional tools and marketing arms of game publishing companies. They make the hype, they review the “product”, and they report on all other activities in the industry. If you think the media is biased against Microsoft, then it’s probably because they aren’t giving out as much free shit as other companies. Or maybe they aren’t inviting as many “reporters” to tropical locations to preview games after a nice dinner and round of drinks.

      Even though it’s assumed by the consumer, there is no “integrity” or “ethics” in the reporting of this business. Everything is just a commercial – period.

      Bmullz Reply
      • 👍

        Trakked Reply

    Michelle Madison Reply
  • So far Destiny 2 sounds like meh. I don’t hear Michelle’s hype train continue on it. Is this game lackluster? Is this an MMO? Or just a different take on borderlands?

    Trakked Reply
    • The hype went down a bit for me when I saw John play the beta, I am waiting to try it on PC and decide once I play the actual game. I guess I was hoping it would be a shooter MMO…. not just mmo lite.

      Michelle Madison Reply
      • Out of curiosity: have you ever played Defiance? I picked it up again after years of not playing, and it’s shockingly similar to the framework of Destiny, and it came out before it. It doesn’t have nearly the same level of polish or production values, and the servers can be laggy pieces of shit, but when it works it can be super fun.

        AbsoluteDeicide Reply
        • Never played it. The one based on the series I think.

          Michelle Madison Reply
          • Yep. The TV show is pretty cheesy. But whenever people say they want an “MMO shooter”, Defiance did that somewhat successfully. Giant open world where co-op objectives spawn and funnel everyone into these giant battles with like fifty players fighting hundreds of enemies, and sometimes objectives overlap so there would be a massive PvP match going on top of everything else… it can get pretty chaotic and awesome. I think the game is free to play now, or I picked up some Ultimate Edition on the last Steam sale for $20 or so with a bunch of DLC.

            The Secret World is another one I really enjoyed, but that’s more of a standard, WoW or The Old Republic-type MMO where you’re auto targeting and using rotations and all that, it just has guns in it. That actually JUST re-launched as a free to play game: https://secretworldlegends.com/

            AbsoluteDeicide Reply
          • Yes, I do need to try Secret World again, I have been meaning to, I did a long time ago when it was just in beta or free alpha or something. I like the concept. I just tried Black Desert and it was not for me.

            Michelle Madison Reply
    • If it’s anything like the first game, it’s more towards the Borderlands end of things. There wasn’t a whole lot that was “massively multiplayer” about it; just running the same missions over and over again to try to get better loot.

      AbsoluteDeicide Reply

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