Episode #522 – Luke from Linus Tech Tips

Episode #522 – Luke from Linus Tech Tips

Intro: Uncomfortable transactions with children

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Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO – Shittycuntfukguy sayz he loves John’s singing

10 sec. spotlight:



  • The Hotel – Switch experience
  • Namco Museum (Switch)
  • Day of Infamy – old ass tech, but fun (didn’t hate it)
  • Overwatch (w/ Michelle) and the Doomfist-elbow-arm
  • Drinking: a Pellegrino

Guest Host – Luke Lafreniere (fr. Linus Tech Tips ) @Luke_lafr

  • A hardware man with a pc point of view of consoles
  • Pyre / Rocket League / screws sports games / Horizon Zero Dawn
  • also has a Switch
  • Parsec – a private streamer / phone games should know their space
  • Vessel – bled out over a year. (see what he did there?)
  • the Floatplane explanation & cooler content

Voicemail #2: For John – look 4 fake accounts, bitches!


Saving VR – a 4 year hill to climb – needs wireless

Speedrunning Cheater ? It’s not the monitor

Development and cross-compatibility (discussion)

TV’s are disappearing

LTX in 5 words

No Sombrero for YOU, Mario!

The Long Dark getting film adaptation / Game-Film discussion

Voicemail #3: asian6slayer sayz consoles mimicking mobile

Digital vs. physical content

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aka OldCrankyGamer. Note taker. I'm no Guru, I'm just a fan.


  • Great guest. He had such a sexy, manly voice John didn’t even try to alpha male him once. Good on him for starting up a free speech platform. I thought that was illegal in Canada.

    And I just bought The Long Dark because it looked cool and it IS one of the first survival games to officially release (member The Forest?)… only it’s not done yet. It’s an episodic game, and only two of the five chapters are out now. Plus I realized I don’t even like survival games, really… they’re menu simulators.

    AbsoluteDeicide Reply
    • I think because he is a laid back canadian who also likes nintendo John was not threatened. Mario=peace

      L Reply
  • Thanks for coming on, Luke! Good times. ^_^

    John Jacobsen Reply
  • Luke was great!

    Anonymous Reply
  • Good show. I am not into techtalk but I am going to sub to them now, I want to see the video when they cover the Xbox One X.

    Lokke Reply
  • Bmullz was on vacation (or maybe he is just playing games on a hotel room TV like John and Luke), but once he listens he will edit the post with full notes and links so you can follow along.

    Michelle Madison Reply
    • You allow him to take vacation?? What do you pay him for!? Lol

      Saltek Reply
      • He is only paid with our undying gratitude for his hard work. I mean, imagine having to catalog every time John whips out the guitar and sings. #OJisnotfree.

        EDIT: Now will full notes, thanks B!

        Michelle Madison Reply

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