Episode #528 – Hong Kong Account with PSVR Frank

Episode #528 – Hong Kong Account with PSVR Frank

Intro: Live from the Hurricane zone and a Tiger update!

John’s new phone (Samsung 8)

Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO – someone missed the tension

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10 sec. spotlight:



Voicemail #2: Nintendo outselling PS4?  Fuck off / Punk as fuck

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  • I’m tired of the ‘vr IS the killer app’ nonsense. The platform is useless without the software to support it…kinda like the Switch. It’s like having a luxury car and nowhere to go. It’s like rain on your wedding day… Wait, no, that’s different.

    Anonymous Reply
    • Yep, I can’t stand the “software will come later, if enough people buy into the hardware.” PR bullshit, either. Or Capcom guilting people into overpaying for twenty five year old games on the Switch as a loyalty test. I’m not paying for these company’s R&D… It’s like a free ride when you’ve already paid.

      AbsoluteDeicide Reply
  • I think game reviewers should be extraordinarily average at the games they review. You don’t want someone who just picked up a controller for the first time, but you don’t want an MLG 1337 pro, either who’s going to dissect a game on a level only the top 5% of players give a shit about. Somewhere in between is good.
    World of Tanks and DOA5 are both the shit. Too bad the PC port of DOA5 is garbage…

    AbsoluteDeicide Reply
    • Yeah, I think there is room for people who stink and say it, or are pros and say it – to cover games too from their perspective as well – but I agree generally middle of the road is probably best for all.

      Michelle Madison Reply
  • There has been a free version of DOA5 on ps4 US store. There is a hotshots tennis also. Most people in the US know everybody’s golf as hotshot golf but it released in Europe, Jap and everwhere else as everybody’s golf so most people don’t know what everybody’s golf is. Hotshots golf sounds better and would probably sell better I would think but at least it’s nice having it called the same everywhere

    Rob Reply
  • Tokyo extreme racer 1,2,3 and Zero awesome games, you would challenge by flashing your headlights and win money to buy upgrades and new cars but it never seemed to get much enovation from the first 2

    Rob Reply
    • Ment it didn’t get much innovation oops lol

      Rob Reply
    • Yes, fun and ahead of their time for sure!

      Michelle Madison Reply

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