EPISODE #529 – Ghetto Metroid with Rob Sprance

EPISODE #529 – Ghetto Metroid with Rob Sprance

BMull is on vacation this week, so that means you get my shitty show notes 🙂 hopefully you appreciate him more now! I hope he is drowning in the finest Irish Whiskey!


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10 Second Spotlight

Michelle: Forza Motorsport 7 Demo, Divinity Original Sin 2 – PC, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, Overwatch: Junkettown and Mercy update, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Fog and playing the Steam Auction House.

Drinking: Lemon Iced Tea

John: Metroid: Samus Returns, 3DS vs Switch talk,  Knack 2 PS4, Operation 7: Revolution, and  Hearthstone?!?

Drinking: Pella-green-o


John felt sexy. Michelle wanted to be one of those “boxer girls”. Go to MackWeldon.com and use promo-code “vgo” for 20 percent off your first order!

Rob: 4k tv vs 1080p projector, Uncharted, Last of Us, Naughty Dog lover, wireless gaming headsets,  PS4 is dead to him, gaming chairs with roller-blade wheels!


Microsoft has a “new” method for installing games

Sony had a press conference and announced a new IP

Youtube wants to look more like Twitch

NBA wants to look more like Twitch

Gamers are fat and like Doritos?



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Thanks guys!

Bonus show

Toxic gamers, and babysitting the community, get it now on app or vgo.libsyn.com

aka CoastalMichelle. Host. Queen of the Ball (and buster of them).


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    FirstEverett Reply
  • The Amy Schumer special was review bombed because it sucked. If I wanna listen to a woman talk about her vagina for 45 minutes, she’s gotta be much better looking and maybe have pics and diagrams to back it up.

    Bmullz Reply
    • Maybe the comedy is just too high brow for you… She has a vagina. That smells bad. Laugh or you’re sexist. 5 stars.

      AbsoluteDeicide Reply
  • Had some good feedback about the bonus after show and wanted to add it here as well:
    Just listened to the toxic outsiders episode. I feel like if there is a mute button for the voice chat the developer has done enough to silence the “toxic” players. Personally I enjoy the trash talking. And what if they decide that the one guy that always has a screaming baby in the background is toxic? We can’t lose that guy in the community. Great show as always.

    Related to toxic players. I used to played League of Legends and the amount of “toxic”people in that game really did make it difficult to play. There is no in game voice chat, I ignored the chat and instalocking characters is accepted as part of the culture but what I cannot stand is people throwing the game.

    That game takes quiet a long time to play (40 min to an hour per round) and it is very frustrating to have someone in late game decided that they didn’t like a play you or another teammate made so fuck everyone and purposefully help the enemy team win.

    I do not think game developers need to babysit everyone but there are certain circumstances where it would be nice to have something in place like a personal “ban” list of players you do not want to play with. The game developers do not need to do anything about the players but having a way to avoid people who you know you do not interact well with would be welcome.

    I understand you can get a group of friends together to play games to avoid it but due to wide varieties of skill levels and genre interests that can sometimes be hard.

    Just wanted to share my thoughts.

    Michelle Madison Reply
  • You guys are talking about Pewdiepie again in the bonus ep, but what everyone seems to be missing is what so many gamers are actually pissed off at the Firewatch dev for. It’s not that he wanted the video removed, it’s that he filed a DMCA complaint with Youtube to do it — AFTER PDP already removed the video. Having 3 copyright strikes on your Youtube account will get it permanently suspended. This is especially scary after he insinuated that he will be encouraging his industry friends to do the same, Again, he didn’t even ask him to remove the video.,. he immediately filed legal action against him that could result in his channel (livelihood) being removed.

    This is the same developer that published a crypiece — that was echoed by Kotaku & Polygon (isn’t it weird how they always seem to post the exact same talking points and opinions) — about how people shouldn’t ask for a Steam refund for his 90 minute walking simulator because “we need the money to live”.

    P.S. normies are ruining gaming and the internet just like they ruin everything else.

    Toxic Gamer Reply
    • And now Steam is implementing systems to try to prevent “review bombing” because of the Firewatch fags: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2017/09/20/steam-introduces-review-histograms-to-combat-review-bombing.aspx
      Just in case anyone somehow STILL had reservations about how in bed (sometimes literally) the devs, “journalists”, and platform holders are… Just like when Amy Schumer’s special tanked so bad it made Netflix more or less abandon their five star review system. Always a good move to take power away from the consumers, right?

      AbsoluteDeicide Reply
      • They said they weren’t gonna do much, but there was pressure to remove the comments and stuff. They are only going to add timelines so people can see when reviews were made, which I think is fine. Glad they didn’t cave.

        Anonymous Reply
        • Yeah, after looking into how it works rather than just reading the shitty Game Informer article: it seems like it would legitimatize “review bombing” even MORE. Now developers can pinpoint exactly when everybody turned at them, and the information is available to the public so they can’t start deleting reviews and expect to get away with it. Almost the polar opposite of what Netflix did.

          AbsoluteDeicide Reply

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