Episode #535 – Halloween Spooktacular!

Episode #535 – Halloween Spooktacular!

Intro: Another Halloween Spooktacular!

Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO – Super Mario hat at Gamestop

Junt sent John some boxers

13 sec. spooklight:

Michelle Murdersen (aka, GhostalMichelle)

Instant Roundtable –

Assassins Creed Origins – It’s an RPG this time around

John Slay-cobsen (aka BlackCat13)

Guest Host – Matt Stabford (aka BattoMcDie)


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  • *Based on Michelle’s Love it Hate it more than this episode, but still relevant.
    I don’t understand how people are saying your impressions are wrong and you can’t have an opinion about Destiny unless if you have played the raid. That is bullshit! Destiny fans need to chill out. They don’t have to convert everybody into a Destiny fan boy. If you don’t like it, who cares. Your impressions are legit and you don’t need to 100% every single game just to have an opinion about it.

    Dschlitz Reply
    • Yeah not sure, it’s just one of those games people are really passionate about I guess. I’ve done all the bosses in the raid now, and while it’s been the best part of the game for me – it’s still not enough to save it. I wish I loved every minute of the game, but sadly I cannot change my own opinions 🙂

      Michelle Madison Reply
      • Just don’t be one of those people who plays Destiny for two thousand and complains about it the entire time. If you don’t like it, stop playing it.

        I’ve only played a couple hours of Destiny 2, but the first one I played through the story, did all the strikes and some PvP, then when the grind got to me I stopped and thought it was okay. Then I had to listen to everybody bitch for two years about how it wasn’t what they wanted and I wanted to blow my brains out.

        AbsoluteDeicide Reply
  • Since some people like these, wanted to mention – bonus show this week was a midnight caller – up on apps and vgo.libsyn.com

    Michelle Madison Reply

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