Episode #540 – PlayerUnknown’s GENITALS

Episode #540 – PlayerUnknown’s GENITALS


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Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO – Never let in someone from Jersey

DJ Rogue(UK Tony) sayz – he supports you and wants T-shirts

10 sec. spotlight:



Voicemail #2: Thank you 4 a 4K TV experience


Voicemail #3: Perfect Loot Box System – get over it

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  • Kind of disappointed that both of you crapped out on Hellblade so early. The game does pick up and get more action-y later, and the puzzles get more complex (and there are collectibles to pick up for a different ending). The more interesting conversation is how the gaming press completely ruined the main source of tension in the game (permadeath) about a day after it came out.

    And camel toe and dick bulges are underrated. The main reason I go to work every night is to stare at my boss’s cam toe. As graphics get closer to photorealism, are characters supposed to have flat crotches like Barbie and Ken dolls?
    Speaking of which, John is missing the main draw of Call of Duty’s Headquarters: to spray paint dick emblems all over the leaderboards. And there are a bunch of full Atari 2600 games there you can play, too.

    AbsoluteDeicide Reply
    • So, what kind of job do you have that you get to look at camel toe all day? Asking for a friend.

      Bmullz Reply
      • The kind of job where my boss wears stretchy pants that vacuum seal the lower half of her body and I don’t care if she catches me staring at her. Not exactly making Weinstein money…

        AbsoluteDeicide Reply
        • at least every job has it’s perks!

          Bmullz Reply

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