Episode #539 – Two Dudes From Jersey In A Rental Truck

Episode #539 – Two Dudes From Jersey In A Rental Truck

Intro: An all California VGO!

Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO – OMG the grind!

Difficulty level elocution

Off on 12/26 – Xmas special on the 19th

10 sec. spotlight:



Voicemail #2:  Animal Crossing is fun


Voicemail #3: Shane sayz Xbox media player sucks

Voicemail #4: Golfstory and game ideas?

Butcher / Stardew Valley / Shovel Knight / Cave Story

Bonus Episode – Gamer Awards!


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  • That Kotaku article arguing the difficulty in games PISSES. ME. OFF. Are people that sensitive?
    Man up! Love the show

    Dschlitz Reply
    • They sure are, and getting worse! Thanks

      Michelle Madison Reply

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