Episode #543 – Zombie Hot Chocolate

Episode #543 – Zombie Hot Chocolate

Intro: Another Fortnite!

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  • Wasn’t the first caller’s analogy antithetical to the point he was trying to make? The whole point of a sport is to keep the rules equal so skill and execution are what matters. They don’t give the football team that played longer an extra down and rocket boots and shit.

    And I played that Blade Runner PC back in the day and it was AMAZING. If I remember, it’s kind of a hybrid of adventure/detective game where you’re trying to find out who’s a replicant and a shooter, and the solution changes every time you play. Very cool. I’d check it out if you can find it, seeing how there’s nothing new coming out in months. Hell, I just made it to Dracula in NES Castlevania for the first time in thirty years…

    AbsoluteDeicide Reply
    • True, I will poke around and see if I can find it! Sounds fun.

      Michelle Madison Reply

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