Episode #595 – Stacked Discs

Episode #595 – Stacked Discs

Intro: Higher ground and juicy buttons

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Voicemail #1: Thank you for the laughs!

10 sec. spotlight:



  • Bridge fetish – When Ski Lifts go Wrong (Switch)
  • Anti- Anthem bias at Al’s Mosley and bullet sponges
  • (PS4) Kingdom Hearts 3 – too many cutscenes
  • Live Caller: SubZ says “It’s decent”
  • Amazon return re-cap: 2 disks, stacked
  • Drinking: Matcha – ceremonial grade

Voicemail #2: Mt. guy sayz guys aren’t ready for Anthem

Voicemail #3: Good luck gettin kills in CoD

Guest Host: Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

Roundtable – Resident Evil 2

  • Matt(PS4) / Michelle (Steam gift fr, Ryan) / John didn’t get it
  • A Re-Imagined Resident Evil 2
  • Michelle loves the flow / Matt loves the refinement
  • It’s a ground up rebuild with racoons!
  • Ammo issues / extra layers
  • John will not play this
  • You’re gonna want to play this more than once
  • Matt:Buy / Mich: Buy / John: …


Voicemail #4: Oscar the Grouch lived in a 17 story trashcan.

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