Episode #717 – Steam Deck in the Sky

Episode #717 – Steam Deck in the Sky

Intro: Matt’s BACK!  Just in time for “Sky Games”

Celebrating Jeff Bezos and Deck Mode

Voicemail #1: OMG Steam Deck – really man?

10 sec. spotlight:


  • Death’s Door – like an old skool Zelda, but you’e a crow reaper
  • Sun Haven – basically Stardew Valley + relationships & handlebar mustaches
  • Boss Level – not great but pretty good
  • Drinking: lemon perfect water somethin somethin


  • (Switch) Sky Forge – would not play on the Switch –
  • (Switch) Children of the Light – It’s Journey there’s some souls and candles
  • (Switch) Skyward Sword – no motion, looks good enough, fine. bad controls
  • Drinking: Captain Morgan and Mango Pepsi

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • (Xbox Gamepass) The Falconeer – it’s not good
  • (Xbox) Bloodroots – a feel-good action game.  Gushing blood. (Not a Sky Game)
  • (PS4) Fall Guys – still free to play. game takes place in the sky …
  • Mass Effect series is Matt’s favorite
  • Drinking: Coffee

Voicemail #2: Something about Steam Deck. entry into PC gaming

Many Steam Deck talking points

Voicemail #3: Big guy sayz Steam Deck preorders procedures


Voicemail #4: Big fan sayz John PS5 ain’t dead, but it’s dying like Titanic 2

Voicemail #5: Uncle Stevie sayz What you think of Day-Z

Waiting for Steam Deck reservation / “It’s fun to see new hardware” – Michelle

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