Episode #721 – Texts From Your Mom

Episode #721 – Texts From Your Mom

Intro: A Georgian, crime story podcast

Crime Story Giveaway!

  • send an  to contact@videogameoutsiders.com
  • admit your crimes and you could WIN!
  • USA only.

Voicemail #1: guy sayz you’re wrong about Stadia

10 sec. spotlight:



Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • Backbone – Racoon detective point & click
  • (PS5) Demon’s Souls – it’s about dying. So satisfying. It wans you to learn.
  • GTA V next gen musings
  • Drinking: Whiskey and soda

Voicemail #2: Kev sayz he plays juicy squats, or jitsu squats


Voicemail #3: What the best newspaper game? Spelling Bee / NYT app

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