Episode #722 – Not My Kinda Jizz

Episode #722 – Not My Kinda Jizz

Intro: The Double Roundtable podcast

Voicemail #1: Mike sayz what game do U want to see remade?

Demon Souls / Goldeneye / WoW (UoW?)

The many titles of Warcraft

10 sec. spotlight:


  • (Gamepass) Library of Runia – A card battler, in Chinese? lots of reading
  • Drinking: Evian water


Voicemail #2: Matt – it’s galled Gamepass, not Gamespass

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

DOUBLE ROUNDTABLE 12 Minutes / Psychonauts 2

Twelve Minutes:

  • Willem Dafoe is a scary cop / John hid in the closet
  • crazy bitches and patricide / again and again
  • Not on PS5 or Switch / Gamepass and Steam only

Psychonauts 2:

  • The Tim Schafer jizz / Michelle hates the art style
  • performance issues / didn’t hate it(John)
  • It should be Rachet level graphics, but it’s not
  • David Bowie had a few bad albums / Schafer’s just a name

Voicemail #3: The Mom text is triggering


Voicemail #4: do people buy games when they go off Gamepass? What game does Mich like?

Don’t fight nature, Brenden, just let it go

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