Episode 507 – Playstation Exclusives Make Man Poop

Episode 507 – Playstation Exclusives Make Man Poop

Intro: All Arizona Podcast / Birthdays
Voicemail #1: Jose is well laid out and hardcore


10 sec. spotlight:



  • Johns life in arcade world
  • PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds Streaming / Tetris
  • “Zelda, not calling my name” (again)
  • HD598 headphones
  • Acadia Natural Spring Water
  • Hunting Hitler  (TV)

Voicemail #2: fuck you guys

JumbleJunkie aka Tim

  • Playing Zelda on WiiU / Last Guardian
  • “I use the pad more than I thought I would”  – JumbleJunkie 4/18/2017



Wendy’s Trolling
NES Classic discontinued
Xbox Return Policy
Mr Shifty on Steam vs. Switch
SW Battlefront 2?   No,  he is only drinking the Nintendo Sunshine Juice.
Mario Kart 1.1

Voicemail #3: always shitin on everythang…
Atari 2600 games are the suck
StarCraft free to play
E-Sports to become an Asian Olympic medal

Voicemail #4: gettin bored from non-innovation
The Overwatch clone syndrome (discussion}
The speedrun scene
UK game charts
exclusivity elocution (discussion)

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  • Thank you for the show notes as always! Hopefully once we talk about the site on air we can encourage more listeners to come check them out weekly.

    Michelle Madison Reply
  • I once got a really bad stomach ache from uncharted.

    Anonymous Reply
    • Dark Souls 3 gave me gas.

      Julian Reply

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