Episode 508 – Doggy Style Demon Sex

Episode 508 – Doggy Style Demon Sex

Intro:   An all HTTP/URL new website podcast!  and Discord
Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO – Stanislav sayz Steam codes make friends

Check out the new site on Thursday for a giveaway

10 sec. spotlight:



Voicemail #2:  Overrated games and Free games
Voicemail #3:  Dude sayz he bought computer parts because consoles are shit

Guest Host Tom, fr. Ontario



Gaming streams are more popular – mixing gaming and commentary

SNES Mini release at Xmas? 

Mario Heads and carts

Mario Kart controller restriction 

Open Laura Croft  – on PC!

Sniper ghost warrior load times

Call of Duty Private Beta (PS4)

 Office Space Idle Profits

Kotaku likes Dicks 

Voicemail #4:  John playing Battlegrounds and whores

John is a bad friend / VR is dead

Nintendo patching policy and Bomberman FPS 

Night Trap re-release – everything old is new again

4 wanted things in Pokemon 

Top Japanese games / South America 2007

Chile plays games, sort of

aka OldCrankyGamer. Note taker. I'm no Guru, I'm just a fan.


  • Love the site, and great show

    Jason Reply
    • Thanks, Jason!

      John Jacobsen Reply
  • In liking this! Modern and interactive, good job Michelle…and John.

    KAPADO Reply
    • Thanks, good to see you.

      Michelle Madison Reply
  • ”Debbie does Demons”

    Horndog Reply
  • For the love of God put a volume control on your player.

    ANG3Lskye Reply
    • Not my player sadly, it’s generated from libsyn, I have no control over the code aside from appearance. It doesn’t auto play, use the volume control on your phone or pc 😉

      Michelle Madison Reply

      John Jacobsen Reply
      • I think he is trying to say you are loud. They reference both an “ange(3)l” AND a “sky(e)”. So maybe a she? http://www.angelskyevibes.com/ ?? Give John a free celestial angel reading. DO EEET.

        I dedicated the second half of my bonus app episode to this, I hope she replies with our free readings.

        Michelle Madison Reply
        • Yes I am a real Angel (female) come to give the site my blessings (nice job Michelle) Sadly I can’t save Johns soul, it belongs to Nintendo, RIP John.

          ANG3Lskye Reply
          • Thank you so much for reaching out to us with your majestical tidings. John, I have a feeling your “guardian angel’s” name is starts with an M and ends with an O.

            Michelle Madison Reply
  • I’m gonna listen to this episode as soon as I get coffee and convince my Boss that I’m working really hard… all I can say is, I got this game yesterday and there’s been NO sex yet. Screaming, maybe a little. Sweating… profusely… things associated with rumpy-pumpy, but no scaley dicks… yet

    Julian Reply
    • Lol. I’m sort of mad they removed the demon dicks. That hellspawn in the front was clearly the Ron Jeremy of the underworld.

      Michelle Madison Reply
      • I wanna see the demon shagging ! Purely out of interest, you understand… do you guys have a link ? Where was John watching it from ?

        Julian Reply
          • Thanks John… haha, I should have KNOWN it’d be on Naughty Gaming’s channel…

            Julian Reply
        • I found the link… my company blocks such sites, I’ll check it out when I get home. Just a thought, maybe make the links the same color as the Tweet link at the top of the page, or make them italics or MUCH bolder ? Maybe it’s just my monitor (or my old eyes), but the slightly darker grey of the links merge into the slightly lighter grey of the main text. It was kinda hard to spot.

          Julian Reply
          • We need an edit button for the comments, ala youtube !!… I feel like I’m spamming, where I could have edited my first comment.

            Julian Reply
          • Not sure if I can turn that on, maybe it’s just wordpress logins. I can look into allowing those by letting people sign up for accounts.

            Edit: need a plugin, I’ll look into it later for you… pending how the scripting works on it (don’t want to bog site down), might be doable. Also want to look into Gravitar ones, I think there are thumbs up/down etc too.

            Michelle Madison Reply
      • Wait… if it was doggystyle demon lovin’, it was gay demon lovin’ ? if the hellspawn up front was hung like Ron J… ?!?

        Julian Reply
        • It’s like demon dong inception over there, I can’t tell what’s really happening.

          Michelle Madison Reply

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