Episode #510 – Special Guest Ben Heck & The Nintendo Playstation!

Episode #510 – Special Guest Ben Heck & The Nintendo Playstation!

Intro:  John’s resume is now on the webpage  and Ben Heck is here!
Brofest (Link)  and the Southern Fried Expo
Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO –  Niche is not a German philosopher.

10 sec. spotlight:


PUBG beat a guy down


Voicemail #2: Mr. J thinks Matt is voicing all the guest hosts
Voicemail #3: dude sayz should I buy a 2nd hand Switch?

Guest Host Ben Heck!

aka OldCrankyGamer. Note taker. I'm no Guru, I'm just a fan.


  • Ben Heck’s say on Microsoft and all the recent console history/facts was interesting/fun. It would be good to have a new console and not just .5 upgrade. Time to kill that shit of a plastic can they call Xbox One! We need next-gen games!

    Trakked Reply
  • Ben got a bit technical for me and a lot of it went over my head, but I agree with almost every prediction he made about the future of consoles… Though there’s no way Microsoft would ever buy Nintendo. And even if they did, the company wouldn’t be the same (see Rare).

    Also, I booked a room to go up to Fun Spot the day before I listened to the podcast… for exactly one week before Bro Fest. whomp whomp

    AbsoluteDeicide Reply
  • Love your show, you both are funny.

    Dwight Reply
  • Thanks for the notes, John uploaded the video and clip we referenced so I embedded them in. Beat Downs incoming!

    Michelle Madison Reply
    • The beatdown clip was fukkin hillarious.

      Anonymous Reply
      • OMG, I’ve watched that 4 times already and I peed a little each time. “He’s hurt, he’s hurt – KICK HIS ASS !!!”

        Bmullz Reply

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