Episode #517 – SNES Meltdown

Episode #517 – SNES Meltdown


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Speaking of porn…tactile porn
Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO – Bill Clinton did not hate that game

10 sec. spotlight:



Guest Host – Ray Price


NBC will do Rocket League E-Sports
Valve controller fingers VR
Sega Forever is a trainwreck
PUBg patch
John’s retro-identity meltdown (rant)
Voicemail #2:  What about the SNES Mini?
CoD WWII – never go back
Orlando weather is on like Donkey Kong


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  • Show was rather funny loving the John meltdowns

    sc Reply
  • The SNES mini is definitely Nintendo printing money; limited stock so they know they won’t be dealing with returns, they know exactly what their profit margin is going to be so it’s money in the bank. They’re probably using the same Chinese factory that made the NES mini and switched them over to the SNES, and the same Cupheads are cranking them out.

    And I have no clue what you guys use to record the podcast, but have you looked into Virtual Audio Cable (VAC)? http://software.muzychenko.net/eng/vac.htm You should be able to set it up so everyone can hear the voicemails and all that. Won’t fix John’s shitty internet, though.

    AbsoluteDeicide Reply
    • John has virtual cables, a mixer, and a bunch of other software, I believe.

      Michelle Madison Reply
  • There is a wireless high end VR called Modal VR but really expensive and Playstation 3 and 4 does have cross play games with pc players. Back in the ps3 days I remember hearing about Sony saying they where up cross play with the Xbox 360 and Microsoft shot it down so I don’t see how Microsoft now acts like they have always been willing to.

    Anonymous Reply
  • Audio quality was bad on the show, because John was having internet issues – listenable, but anything being sent to him (Ray and I) were cut off a lot! Oh well.

    Michelle Madison Reply
    • heh, heh, John was having “issues” allright. I think you touched a nerve – like in kung fu movies when the guy taps an opponent in a secret pressure point and he falls down after a 10 second stare-down.

      Bmullz Reply
      • I think inner John truly resents all things retro, it’s all coming out now.

        Michelle Madison Reply
        • it’s cognitive dissonance. He want’s so badly to be young and hip and seeing his life as retro is making him face the fact that he’s an old man now. That story about the kid in the bar who said he was born in 1994, when “gaming was good”, was very telling.

          Bmullz Reply
      • I had to repeat the podcast after hearing that hilarious conversation around 1:17:50…Michelle’s remark sets John off. It was cool to hear Ray just laugh at everything. If Matt Bradford had been on maybe Michelle wouldn’t have sounded so brutal towards John? Could have been a guitar moment. Lol

        Trakked Reply
        • Matt would have gotten on board!

          Anonymous Reply
        • John rails about the Neo-Retro 8bit games, but he knows some of them are really good. He played Shovel Knight AND the sequel and loved them. It’s all about the gameplay and if the 8-bit art style is the gimmick then so be it. I know a video game company that makes all it’s money off gimmicks so they can’t be all bad.

          Bmullz Reply
          • Yeah, there’s a difference between developers being inspired by retro games and making something new/improved in that style, or programmers who can’t make art so they just use a bunch of blocky bullshit and call it “8 bit”. I never understood why there aren’t more high definition, well animated, hand drawn 2-D games like Rayman, Ori, Cuphead, etc. since that’s what the artists were going for back then, but were stuck with the “retro” look because of hardware limitations. I also think it’s funny John was ripping Cuphead for cashing in on the retro craze… even though the art is based on cartoons made well before video games were even a thing.

            AbsoluteDeicide Reply

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