Episode #516 – Bad Arms Puns with Matt Bradford

Episode #516 – Bad Arms Puns with Matt Bradford

Intro:  Matt’s back, with gross arms!
Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO – Renny sayz something English @ E3
Shout out to Shawn for the art and the Tekken7 code

10 sec. spotlight:



Guest Host –  Matt Bradford!   @MattoMcFly 

News / Commentary:


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  • Please stop having Matt on… I have been a loyal listener for nine years and have seen you go through many changes some good some bad but my favorite day was when Matt quit. The show has been so much better as a two person podcast with random guests. Every time I see Matt’s name in the description I hesitate to hit play, He doesn’t do anything specifically but just seems to bring the show down.

    Saltek Reply
    • Your favorite day was when Matt quit. Which one?

      I think Matto gets a bad rap. It took a while to warm up to his casual, distinctly Canadian jocularity but Matt eventually became part of the family.

      Matt’s like a special treat in the middle of Summer. Like an ice cream store with only one flavor – Vanilla. But sometimes vanilla tastes pretty fukkin good. Just don’t eat it every day ’cause you’ll get fat.

      Bmullz Reply
  • What is this “built-in” quiz function on Xbox live? I think John is making shit up. I found nothing…NOTHING!

    Bmullz Reply
    • Haha, I was hoping you’d find it, checked the notes – but I agree, this shit is fake news.

      Michelle Madison Reply

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